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FMD is the major shareholder in this nursery designed for the pre-ongrowing of sea bream juveniles and also those of sea bass and meager. Situated at La Faute-sur-Mer (Département 86), Vendée Aquaculture can supply pre-ongrown juveniles up to 20 g destined mainly for the Spanish market but also the markets in Italy and Croatia.
Juveniles of this size have several advantages : minimizing the losses which can be substantial in the first stages of rearing in cages, especially in exposed sites; facilitating the management of the stock; and above all the shortening of the duration of the ongrowing.

This marine-fish hatchery on the Mediterranean coast, acquired by FMD in 2003, is the oldest one in Europe.
It produces sea-bass juveniles and has been developing, for a number of years, techniques for the reproduction of the meager.
Thanks to its strong growth potential and its very low feed conversion coefficient, the meagre is an ideal fish for a complete new range of products (fillets, pre-cooked meals…).

FMD was involved in the creation of the Norwegian company “Cod Culture Norway”, in which it has a minority shareholding.
Since 2000, FMD has supplied the know-how and the technical assistance needed for the construction and start-up of this hatchery which is specialized in the production of juveniles of the cod, a species which is known world-wide, with a very promising future in aquaculture.